Jeff Stratton

Jeff trained at Medway College of Art 1956-60- and subsequently at Goldsmiths London 1968. He had his first show in London at Gallery 273 in 1968. He has had many shows since and has enjoyed many residencies, the last being at Plymouth School of Creative Arts.


Colour Circles

Recent series of acrylic paintings

Colour circle 1 “Colour circle 1”

Acrylic on board 60 cm diameter

Colour circle 3. “Colour circle 3.”

Acrylic on board 50x60 cm.

Colour circle 4. “Colour circle 4.”

Acrylic on board 60x80 cm.

Colour circle 5. “Colour circle 5.”

Acrylic on canvas. 70 cm square.

Colour circle 6 “Colour circle 6”

Acrylic on board. 60 cm square.