Greg Fache

Designer of Colouring books, black and white images of many original colouring ideas that truly lets your ability to colour be appreciated .

After many years of small complex art i decided to replicate my concept to a larger format, the pictures shown are the new finished pieces.
approx sizes. 1200 x 900mm
1000 x 1000
500 x 500
Painted on 10 mm plywood
framed and ink desgn applied
then layers of lacquer.

Starmap 1 took 90 plus hours to complete.

The bull head is also using the fache design.i


Black and White Dotwork

Exhibition lot. about to show to Auckland Gallery to possibly have the break...

starmap2 “starmap2”

80 plus hours to create this piece.

starmap3 “starmap3”

90 plus hours . Galaxies...

red and black.

loving the dot work sold all the small ones on black , taking it to red .
Space work. The Skull

Colouring Art

before and after

Cascade felt Pens “Cascade felt Pens”

Quality ink . long lasting engineered tips.many colours.