Zina Bercovici

zina bercovici

Location: Romania

General - MA in Economics
Member of" International Professional artists" IAA-AIAP UNESCO"

I born in Romania. I started my artistic education while completing my academic degree.
During the time I continued to enhance my artist skills by participating in a variety of workshops and a variety of courses at the London school of painting and drawing (U.K)
I had participated in group exhibitions and single in many countries in the world.
London .Paris, Cannes, Berlin, Wien, Sanhai, Amsterdam, Romania, Marseille, Vancouver, Nottingham- Britain, Biennale –Museo D"Arte di Chianciano Italy ,Norway,Ferrara-Italy,,Nederlands,Vienna,Izmir Biennale
I am invited from Izmir Biennale to be a part of these great project like –honorable artist

2009—Honorable mention for painting BIENNALE-MUSEO DE ARTE DI CHIANCIANO TERME ITALY

My works are in many private collections .

I am using a variety of painting techniques. The texture of colors with the emphasis on purple along with the flowing integrated shapes could not leave the observer indifferent. The focus of a series of my works is human figures.
The human shapes are of different sizes and origin; they symbolize the equality of humanity. I always leave the spectator to complete the story of the painting in his mind.
Email –zinaberko@gmail.com
Website- www.artzina.com


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