Over time, art has become essential to me primarily for one reason: Communication.

I am a very quiet person, and a very sensitive person. I tend not to reveal any more than I need to, especially to those that I don’t know. The ability to paint has given me a voice to express energy and feeling without the use of any words.

Early on, inspiration would only stem from dark places, such as tension or frustration. However, as I continued to paint, I continued to learn more about myself. This led to constantly challenging myself to not only grow as an artist, but as an individual as well. Every day that I get to visually express the thoughts and emotions that are flooding through my mind is a blessing. It is genuinely the most peaceful, relieving feeling that I have ever felt. To all of those who view my collection, I hope that there is a spark somewhere between my inner visions and yours. These pieces are a true reflection of my mind in its rawest form.