Turfa Shamma

Turfa is an art and design graduate who earned her degree in 1995, with a specialisation in textiles. She subsequently started her wall, art and mural painting business shortly after relocating to the USA in 2003. In late 2011, she moved again across oceans to Dubai, UAE, where she continues to paint for a living.

Turfa can transform your ordinary walls and living space into the imaginative environment of your dreams. She is a firm believer in the capacity for mood to be at once expressed and transformed by the interplay of colours. Her technique involves combining her spiritual experience, artistic skill as well as influences from her academic background in psychology (her second Major, which she earned from the University of Luton in 2001) to impart an optimistic, healing and positive range of emotional associations through her unique brand of art. Using colours as her communicative medium, Turfa is able to relate to people on a human level through custom-designed artworks.


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