Decolor Feroz

Decolor Feroz

Location: Spain

I was born when I was very small somewhere in the foothills, in the leeward side of Central System
mountains in Spain. And then I grew up.
I am younger in spirit than in fact and, although life has given me few moments to dream and even
less to paint, practicing other occupations has not eroded my idealism and has allowed me, instead,
to learn how to transmit concepts and emotions in an understandable and enjoyable way.
I am new and self-taught in art, which gives my work the spontaneity and unconsciousness of
Artist statement
I am aware that it is others who decide whether I am an artist or not. And, despite this, I can say that
my works are not melodies of an abrupt time that swim in the astonishment of the comprehensible.
They are more like clear stories, all complete and different, usually critical of some human abuse or
scientifically instructive.
My weakness is that I don't like most contemporary art, I do not seek spectacle for its own sake.
My strength is that the images I paint are attractive, technically consistent and seek to be



Quadrangular economy. “Quadrangular economy.”

From those fumes these plastics.
Acrylic on canvas
1.2 x 23.6 x 39.4 in
December 2022
Dedicated to all of us who prefer the planet to
sink (with our children inside), as long as we can
enjoy the first class deck without worrying about
the time we have left, nor about those who are
already drowning.

Cauldron of life “Cauldron of life”

The same forces that destroy life are those that
create it.
Acrylic on canvas
0.8 x 23.6 x 28.8 in
February 2022
Without the heat at the centre of the Earth, life
could not have arisen, nor could it continue to
exist, even though it is that same heat that
generates earthquakes and volcanoes, which
destroy it.

Do you recognize gender? “Do you recognize gender?”

Acrylic on canvas
0.8 x 19.7 x 28.8 in
August 2023

Smell of violet. “Smell of violet.”

Acrylic on canvas
0.8 x 21.3 x 28.8 in
August 2023


Terminal speed “Terminal speed”

It has been found the speed that eradicates
Oil on canvas
0.8 x 25.6 x 39.4 in
February 2014
Which is working profit for human being if
productivity distress equally kill us?