Clari Netzer

Clari Netzer

Location: Israel

Artist Clari Netzer was born in 1961 in Monterrey, N.L, Mexico. She is the youngest daughter of Rumanian Jews and Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Mexico in mid 1950's.
She is a self-taught artist, discovered her passion for painting and art early.
In Mexico she was attracted by the Primitive Art of different cultures that lived in ancient Mexico, the folklore and Mexican Art History, this influence is considerably noticeable in her artworks and in her activities as an Israeli artist today.
In 1983, after graduation and with a B.A degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Monterrey, the artist born in Mexico decided to immigrate to Israel.

Over the years in Israel, Clari Netzer has worked in various areas, including 12 years as Import and Purchasing Manager for a leading private owned company in worldwide selective cosmetics products.
Longing to express her desire to develop creative art led her to leave the business career and devote herself to art.

Her paintings are showcased in Exhibitions in Israel and abroad, she coordinates projects for the promotion of Israeli artists and cultural exchanges, her workshops provide the artists with online tools for exposure and self-empowerment. She also lectures about the life and art of the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and Women in the Arts to promote the role of women artists in the art world.

Actually resides and works in Carmiel.


Abstract paintings

As with the Aztecs who believed in dualism, she uses contrasting elements which eventually come to balance and harmony. Her artworks show a prominent harmonious composition, symbolisms and figures that add a dimension of mystery to the pictorial narrative, yet are full the senses and share meticulous aesthetics.
The colors, lines and forms are a continual challenge that leads her to constantly experiment with new styles, from figurative to abstraction, she introduces the viewer to originality and creativity of her own vision.
Rather than the often conventional subject matter, Clari Netzer's art expresses much more than literal representation: the colors, the movement and sometimes the contradictory compositions bring forth the power of the painting

Free to go “Free to go”

Oil on canvas, 50x60cm

The Lagoon “The Lagoon”

Oil on canvas, 50x60cm, Private collection

After the Flood “After the Flood”

oil on canvas, 80x50cm

An open window “An open window”

oil on canvas 80x50cm