Vaydra Wright

Vaydra Wright

Location: Australia

I was taught to appreciate art at an early age. My self-taught background and passion for working with a variety of media came from my mother's painting style and many visits to Australian art galleries and museums with her as a child.

My work represents life's patterns and downward spirals, twisted turns, upside downs that have a profound impact on today's contemporary culture. I have adapted isolation into my process, working alone with no restrictions and fears; I have had practice stepping back to provide a good critique of my own artwork.

Though my earlier experience was in painting with layers focused on lines and flatness, I've recently moved on to contemporary surrealist digital artwork from my sculptural, three-dimensional work. I use photo manipulation to change the orientation to transplant the illusion.

I aim for a good balance: my collection has both trendy elements and technique principles. I've also swayed the meaning from what was evidently clear to me alone; now, I create an impression for others to see through their own eyes, not mine. I ask myself, "Should the concept need to say the same thing? Why limit the vision?"


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