Berdnik Svetlana

Berdnik Svetlana

Location: Ukraine

Berdnik Svetlana was born in 1967 in Kiev in an ordinary family. Father Berdnik Evhen Ukrsoveta was a head coach of "Dynamo" in shooting, and her mother Olga E. senior engineer at the plant "Mayak".
  Even as a child at a small Svetlana found an ear for music, and
parents sent her to a music school in the class of violin.
 Once he entered and graduated from the Kiev City Pedagogical School number 2 Rusanovka.
  But Svetlana art education does not and came to painting after his repentance and conversion to God.
  Artistic experience Svetlana is not great, in 2005 she first took up the brush. At first, I drew out of my head, but quickly realized that the need of the example before our eyes, in the course went more and less interesting magazine photos, more photos from the Internet, and finally the creation of the personal works of authorship. The results delighted our growth. AND
now, after only four years of study in painting, he carried the disc with their works in the gallery, where really liked the work, and where truly were surprised that it has no artistic education.
 Svetlana works in many genres, but especially loved animals, landscape and still life.
She has participated in exhibitions and art fairs:
April - June 2009 - Exhibition Production Center Boyko "For the eyes, heart and soul" (SEC "Globe")
September 2010 - Autumn Art Fair in the cottage "Maetok" together with the artists' gallery of Kiev "
November 2010 - an exhibition of artists' galleries of Kiev "in the network of bookstores empik (Pyramid shopping center and mall Magellan)


Berdnik Svetlana

Ukrainian artist from Kiev. Oil painting.

Ginger happiness. 45x60, 2014 “Ginger happiness. 45x60, 2014”

The cat curled up sleeping peacefully on a soft rug.

Vanessa “Vanessa”

oil on canvas, 60x45

Quiet Corner “Quiet Corner ”

oil on canvas, 50x60,2013

Goldilocks “Goldilocks”

oil on canvas, 60x40, 2014

Ballerina in pink dress “Ballerina in pink dress ”

oil on canvas, 60x45, 2015

Grapes. Rich harvest “Grapes. Rich harvest”

oil on canvas, 45h60, 2014