Kenneth Laugen

Kenneth Laugen

Location: Norway

Kenneth is a renowned self-taught artist hailing from Trondheim Norway, who began his career as a hobby back in 1993.
Since then, he has had his artwork published and featured in many magazines and newspaper articles, dating back to 2004 to present.
At the beginning of his career, he taught at the Gerhard Schoenings school for youth with special social and learning disabilities for 14 years.
There he taught a variety of subjects such as painting, drawing, blacksmithing, photography, music, and video work; before leaving that position in 2008 to paint on his own full time.
He has been doing so with much success for the last 20 years, as the popularity of his artwork across Norway and Europe only continues to climb.
He has exhibitions in 25 galleries across Norway alone, as well in other prominent cities such as Stockholm, Barcelona, Altea, and Milano.
He has also done artwork for more than 20 special projects for various firms and companies over the years. Theres been book productions, illustrations, design, decoration and what not, all cooperations thats taken the knowledge to new levels.
Many feel Kenneth's artwork is deeply spiritual, but he doesn't like to label his art; leaving the interpretation up to the experiencer.
His interests in colors made him study color teraphy to learn more about how the colors affects us in everyday life, and he uses this knowledge in his paintings.
Kenneth does all his work from a personal studio located in the countryside just outside Trondheim, called Studio Laaven.
He has his own gallery there, where he holds 3 exhibitions every year.
The painting fills the most of his days, but beeing a visual artist, he often takes his camera out in the nature to search for inspiration.
The drawing pad is always by his side and he never stops working with new ideas. Painting is more then a job, its a lifestyle.
He has a deep interest in alternative thinking and living, and a lot of information about this theme, is a big part of his life.
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