Renata Bosnjak

Renata Bosnjak was born in Bosnia and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her oil paintings of predominantly religious figures and portraits are imbued with a life-affirming presence. She has excelled in using Old Master painting techniques and has developed her own unique style that is enhanced by her sensitivity for her subjects and keen attention to details. Her themes of love, faith, motherhood, and all positive attributes of humanity, generate an immediate visceral impact and healing energy.

Renata’s art has been in many gallery exhibitions including the Laguna Art Gallery, the Vegas Wonderland Gallery, and New York Art. Her solo exhibition is planned by Gallery Steiner, in Vienna, Austria. She has received several awards from critically acclaimed art curators that include the Frida Kahlo International Prize award and the International Prize of New York City. She has won Awards of Excellence from The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS. Most recently, she received a Special Recognition Membership Art Award in “The Spirit of Resilience” exhibition. You will also find her art published in several books and magazines including Current Masters, among others.