Aleksandra Plucinska

I was born in 1963. I brought up and got knowlage in Kraków, Poland.

I was graduated at the Academy of Fines Art in Gdansk, Poland. My diploma pictures "Modern Still Life" were under prof A.Dyakowski.
In 2009 I moved to Perth in Scotland and I live in Perth now.

I paint oil, soft pastel and stained glass. Two years ago I started to paint Celtic motives on stones.

1982-1984 I was a member of “Painters & Poetries Society”-Krakow, Poland.
From April 2005 I am a member of GTPS( Artists’ Society ) in Gdansk, Poland.
From 2009 I am an Honour Member of Charity Society in Warszawa, Poland.

1993- 2009 I took part in many Group Exhibitions in Gdansk, Gdynia, Warszawa-Poland and in one in New York.
I had also several my Solo Exhibitions in Gdansk and other places in Poland.
Since 2005 I started to take part in charity auctions.
I was working as an art therapist for Charity Society.
2011- I took part in the Group Exhibition in Czech Republic together with some Scotish and English artists.
2011- I took part in the Group Exhibition in "Six Foot" Gallery, Glasgow UK.
2011- My works were printed in "International Dictionary of Artists 2010".

My paintings there are in private collections-
Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, USA and Canada.

My paintings and more info about me:


Oil Paintings

Loneliness “Loneliness”

oil on canvas 60x80cm, 2006

Cleansing the Soul “Cleansing the Soul”

oil on canvas 65x45cm, 1994

Abstract Flowers “Abstract Flowers”

oil on canvas 46x61cm 2012

FOR SALE £ 140,-

Red & Green “Red & Green”

oil on canvas 60x91cm 2012

FOR SALE £ 240,-

Regretfully “Regretfully”

oil on canvas 60x91cm 2012

FOR SALE £ 240,-

Unknown Girl “Unknown Girl”

oil on canvas 60x80cm 2012

FOR SALE £ 240,-

Flowerbirth “Flowerbirth”

oil on canvas 40x51cm 2012

Blue Trees “Blue Trees”

oil on canvas 45x45cm 2010

FOR SALE £ 65,-

Summer Flowers “Summer Flowers”

oil on canvas 30x25cm 2012

Creation of Earth “Creation of Earth”

oil on canvas 60x91cm 2012

FOR SALE £ 240,-

Soft Pastel

The Dawn “The Dawn”

soft pastel 60x80cm 2004

Asking About Night “Asking About Night”

soft pastel 60x80cm 2004

The Secret Garden “The Secret Garden”

soft pastel 30x40cm 2004

Together “Together”

soft pastel 60x80cm 2004

It's Destiny “It's Destiny”

soft pastel 30x40cm 2011

My Guardian “My Guardian”

soft pastel 60x80cm 2011

FOR SALE £ 170,-

Busker “Busker”

soft pastel 50x65cm 2011

FOR SALE £ 90,-

Stained Glass

I started to paint stained glass in 2006. I paint them for a private order. My painted stained glass objects are created from the best paints and "relief" made by Talens' company.These products are very durable because that Talens' paints sustain for years and are resistant to light, water, humidity and other factors. Painted stained glass objects are as striking as original stained-glass windows, but they are cheaper and quicker to make.
Painted stained glass elements in door, cupboards etc are beautiful and decorative.
I believe that each painted stained glass elements will transform any home or place of work into a unique and extraordinary environment.

If you are interested in painted stained glass contact me please.

The Stained Glass "Orange Tree" “The Stained Glass "Orange Tree"”

the big stained glass in the whole door
this picture was taken at night

Stained Glass "Autumn Landscape" “Stained Glass "Autumn Landscape"”

this stained glass is in the bathroom's door- a picture was taken at night