Alma Sheik

Alma Sheik

Location: Italy

Alma Sheik , was born in Suriname, had my education in Holland,
from 1994 living in Lucca - Italy. A self taught painter.
Start painting sinds 1986, had exhibion in Haarlem and surroundings. from 2002 having exhibitions in Italy, lucca, peruggia, venice. 2012 in new York at Agora gallery
recently at Amsterdam Withney Gallery. Having exhibition in Lucca. In 2020 at Acqart Venice. At the moment (2021) take part of ARTIDOTUM a 3-D virtual exhibition by studio Atremisia.




l'incontro “l'incontro”

l'incontro painted in 20

camelia “camelia”

camelia, an oilpainting,size 60x50 cm , painted in 2015 on canvas.

landscape san michel in escheto “landscape san michel in escheto”

a small painting in oil on canvas 2015

Le vie en rose “Le vie en rose ”

Painting nr. 572 a serie of 3/10 , recently painted, a new expression, work with collage and acrylic.

Dancing roses “Dancing roses”

nr.578, an oil painting, size 70x50 cm , abstract expression 2021

Le vie en rose serie 1/10 “Le vie en rose serie 1/10”

nr.573, a new expression , acrylic painting 2020, size 70x50 cm on paper