Gil Ferrer


Gil Ferrer is an experienced artist and photographer. His creative vision comprises of mixing conventional art forms with collage and digital technologies to create original forms of media. Gil was born in Marseilles, France, following the conclusion of the Spanish Civil War. At an early age, he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he found himself surrounded by the artistic movement and culture of ancient Spanish Masters, including contemporary artists Gaudi, Dali, Tàpies, and Picasso.

At the age of ten, Gil began painting local street scenes with oils in Barcelona, where he attended the Academy of Beaux Arts a few years later. After his schooling, Gil and his family moved to Morocco where the bright sun, deep blue sky, and colorful landscape awakened his deep sense of color, composition, and appreciation for nature.Finally, Gil moved to New York City and experienced a significant change of scenery; the concrete and steel of Manhattan. For the first time, artists like Rauschenberg, Stella, de Kooning, Kelly, Rothko, and others influenced his vision. Gil moved into an entirely new direction with his work and began a social commentary series to express his concerns for the environment, people, and the planet. This one-person show entitled FLAGS was held at the J. Claramunt Gallery in Soho of lower Manhattan and featured nine large mixed media canvases that depicted the social and environmental concerns of nine different countries.

Gil’s next series, THE BODY, was a social commentary on the harmful pollutants in food, using actual MRI’s and CAT scans of human beings, alongside X-rays of fish, chickens, and vegetables. He altered these with transparent dyes before reprinting them as photographic images.

More recently, Gil created a series of works called ORGANIC MARINE SCAPES, based on the picturesque Hamptons in Long Island, New York. These natural scenes, all located near his home in Southampton, use a combination of photos, pigment paints and organic artifacts found at the actual locations photographed. Gil’s beautiful landscapes continue to represent his concern for the environment as an artist.

In 2019, Gil’s use of unconventional mediums and his insatiable appetite for change has finally given birth to his latest series CELLS – an instinctive and compelling look at the inner body, created using techniques Gil has acquired over a lifetime of creative expression



Latest works inspired by the amazing beauty of cells and the complex formation of life

Cell 1 “Cell 1”

Oil on canvas 60x72

Cell 2 “Cell 2”

Oil on canvas 48x60

Cell 3 “Cell 3”

Oil on canvas 48x60

Cell 4 “Cell 4”

Oil on canvas 48x72

Cell 5 “Cell 5”

Mixed media on canvas paint/glass /epoxy resin 36x48

Cell 6 “Cell 6”

Mixed media on canvas paint / glass / epoxy resin 36x48