Gina De Gorna

Gina De Gorna is a very well established artist and a published author. She is highly educated and well-travelled and she truly believes in the healing power of love, beauty and color. She is convinced that the artist's main job is to focus and devote their art and work to improve and make life more beautiful.

Gina comes from a family of artists and craftsmen. She has lived and studied Fine Art extensively both in Europe and in the United States. Receiving her first art award at the age of ten, she later became a teacher for 11 years. In her 40 years as an artist, Gina De Gorna finished more than 1500 art pieces in both realistic and abstract styles. She continuously does research, reads and writes about art, tutors, and experiments with color, art techniques, styles and painting subjects. In 2002 she visited Hawaii and found her paradise. She eventually moved to the Big Island where she began creating art inspired by the tropics. Her personal favorite subject, the sunset, is evident in many of her paintings. Now she resides in Denver, Colorado.

In her spare time Gina works with both adults and students and helps organize many charity campaigns to support art, artists and young talents. She has donated numerous paintings to a variety of charities and fund raising events. One of her favorite contributions has been the donation of numerous original paintings to improve and enhance the appearance of children’s hospitals. One of the things that makes her a great person, as well as artist is her firm belief in helping young people showcase their art. Under her leadership students participated in painting murals and together they decorated a whole children's ward in a hospital.

As a full-time artist, Gina De Gorna can offer originals of both oil and acrylic paintings as well as a variety of limited edition Giclee reproductions, posters, cards and prints on canvas, acrylic, metal and paper. Some of her paintings are even available in a variety of home décor items. Her work incorporates a wide variety of subject matter, including murals, illustrations, portraits, landscape and seascape images, animals, birds, sunsets, fish and flowers. Her paintings are recognized for their realistic and expressional values. Her bold and colorful style is the product of her love of color and contrast and is a continuing process of exploration through which the artist is seeking to portray personal or visionary interpretations of the world

Gina's paintings have been shown online, and as well as in art galleries both in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Canada, and the USA.

Gina is published in several articles related to color and art therapy as well as 5 art books. She has written her own step by step instructional books on How to Paint Sunsets which are used by art teachers and people around the world.

Gina has numerous YouTube videos showing her art and demonstration tutorials on how to paint, tips and tricks for beginner artists and art therapy.


Favorite Color: RED

Favorite Place: Hawaii, Big Island

Favorite Hobby: Fine ART and painting

Favorite Sports and Activities: Tennis, Boogie Boarding, Bicycling

Favorite Food: All but raw meat;

Favorite Drink: Mojito

Favorite Music: All but Heavy Metal

Gina De Gorna's OTHER INTERESTS: Family, Books - World Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Art & Color Therapy, Travel, Charity.



Sunset and Sunrise Paintings

Original Oil Painting, by Gina De Gorna

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Flight “Flight”

Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

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Serenity “Serenity”

Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

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Tropical Sunset “Tropical Sunset”

Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

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