Ellyxia Castle

Ellyxia Castle

Location: Canada

All that glitters is not gold, but it certainly has a magical quality for Canadian painter Ellyxia Castle. An accomplished poet and writer of erotica, horror, and sci-fi thrillers, Ellyxia tints her writings and canvases with the esoteric and a copious amount of sparkles. Ellyxia’s wild imagination generates visions of outer space: planets orbiting around giant balls of fire, skies traversed by bolts of lightning during a cosmic storm, or alien-looking plants framing moons in the distance. Her abstract paintings resemble nebulas or astral Big Bangs. To create different textures, Ellyxia uses sequence, latex, chains, or chords. Most pieces are sealed off with two coats of epoxy, which confers an almost otherworldly gleam upon the paintings. Her approach to art is the same as in her writing: first comes the title, then the plot unfolds. Ellyxia’s methodical process is perhaps a way to rein in the ebullient life force stored within her; a way to express what she jokingly calls her “sentimental explosions.”

Ellyxia studied Communication, Journalism and Writing at Université TÉLUQ in Canada. She is a published author of short stories and poems. Alongside her artistic and literary practice, Ellyxia runs several technology and marketing businesses. She lives and works near Montreal, Canada.


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