Jacek Opala

Jacek Opala

Location: Poland


Jacek Opala – JO ,born 1970 in Boleslawiec, in West Poland- town with a long ,rich history of ceramics.
My sculptures are often a combination of classical forms and fantasy. I’v been inspired by such artists like Igor Mitoraj and Leonardo. I tried to capture in the clay an atmosphere, an emotion. It’s to the observer to give their own interpretation of what emotion :).
The works are made fromchamotte, glazed clay and fired at 1100 C.
The sculptures are shown mainly in gallerys in Poland, for example in Szalom in Krakow, Beskidzka in Szczyrk, Ether and Borowski in Warszawa, Tadeo Art in Bielsko Bia?a, Leonardo in Kazimierz or Galerie Mitte in Dresden in Germany.
I have won several international competitions like Palm Art or Art Pasion Festival (Grand Prix) or International Art-competition/Cultural_Diversity. My work is beeing exhibited in the Museum of Art in Bedzin or in privat collections.
Should you require more information about sales please call or e-mail. There is only few sculptures here. Ask for more by email or look at facebook.
Exhibitions : 2013 – Polish Institut in Praque, Szalom gallery Kraków, 2014 – Main city gallery Zakopane, Center for culture promotion Warszawa. You can find too some of my works in Leonardo Gallery in Kazimierz Dolny, JDA Gallery in Wroc?aw or Ether Gallery in Warszawa and Mitte Gallery in Dresden in Germany. In 2015 Galleries and museums in Lower silesia. The member of Polish Ceramic Asociation.
I am 45 years old and am married with Aneta , i have 2 kids.



I work in chammote clay. After sculpting I prepare a gipsum mould. Then I make variations of one form....I love antique and classic art and try join old figurativ forms to modern abstract

Puzzle Antique “Puzzle Antique”

Made from chamoote clay, glazed,
This work is awarded 2015 in international Art competition
~~ 30 kg, 40x65x45 cm

Pompei  IV “Pompei IV”

One from the series named "POMPEI" while i am fascinated in classic and antique art

Pompeii VII “Pompeii VII”

One from the series named "POMPEI" while i am fascinated in classic and antique art
Clay, glazed ~~40x50x30 cm