Noah Levin

I taught painting at Santa Rosa Jr. College, California from 1981-1982. In 1982 I moved to New York where I sold paintings to private collectors. From 1986-98 I earned a living designing luxury decorative fabrics. In 1998 I returned to San Francisco and painting full time. In 2006 I had a solo show of my pool paintings at Charles Campbell Gallery. I showed my pool paintings and landscapes in 2018 at the Fog Gallery. Whatever the subject matter is of my paintings, my work is always about light.


Curve Pool Paintings

I have been painting images of swimming pools since early in this century. I like the relationship between nature and the architecture of the pools. The blue of the water really appeals to me. The curve pool series started in 2017.

Curve Pool 2 “Curve Pool 2”

This painting is 12"x12", oil on gessobord, 2017.

Curve Pool with Ladder “Curve Pool with Ladder”

This painting was completed in 2019. As with the others in the series, it is 12"x12", oil on gessobord.

Stow Lake Autumn “Stow Lake Autumn”

This 12"x12" painting is also oil on gessobord and was painted in 2014. Recently the name of the lake has been changed to Blue Heron Lake because the man it was originally named for has turned out to be a racist among other things.

Shadows “Shadows”

This 12"x12" painting is part of the landscape series based on Stow Lake (now named Blue Heron Lake). It was painted in 2016 and is oil on gessobord.

Sunday in the Park “Sunday in the Park”

Oil on gessobord, 20"x24", completed in 2015. The setting is Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


The landscapes paintings are part of a series based on Stow Lake (recently renamed Blue Heron Lake).