Barbara Schneider

Barbara Schneider

Location: Germany

B a r b a r a Schneider
Diploma in Design
Contemporary Visual Artist
Independent Freelance Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist

Photography, PhotoArtist
HR Activist

Statement of ART
Fantasy is an amazing power ...
She believes in humanity, freedom of art & thoughts as universal essentials for living, and art & design.

B a r b a r a Schneider (1966, Germany) is a designer, illustrator, and multiple-disciplinary visual artist.
She graduated with a Diploma in Design (1991) in Hamburg/Germany. Then, she received a scholarship (DAAD) and joined an MA course in London / GB for one year. She is interested in art history and design and other related subjects. Besides her studies, she gained working experience in fashion, textiles, and advertising as an intern and freelance designer.
She taught fashion design and illustration at an art school for young pupils (1993- 94) in Neuss/Germany and supported an art contest in Venlo/NL as a jury member (2005).
She has participated in international juried group exhibitions, projects, and competitions and received international awards in art and design. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in diverse States of America, Italy, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Lithuania, Canada, GB, Ukraine, Spain, and South Korea and globally via the internet. Pieces of art are in the homes and offices of international collectors. Works of art have been published in international design/art and craft books.
She is passionate about toys & children´s literature, fashion & textiles, crafts, printing, and photography.
Some themes of her independent artworks are re-design, childhood, and the discussion of humanity, our modern life, and “our world cultures”.

Pursuit of Happiness
Freedom of Art
Freedom of Thoughts

is a world of F a N T a S y.
A FREE s p a c e for ART.

Portfolio, Design, Illustration, Visual Art, Social Media
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Portfolio © B a r b a r a Schneider


Mixed Media / Illustrations / Coloring Pages

Lucy Stone (1818 - 1893) “Lucy Stone (1818 - 1893) ”

CP/ Book Illustration for
"Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates"

Picasso´s World “Picasso´s World”

CP, Manville Arts Council Coloring Book, 2017

 Art Nouveau meets Manville Parks “ Art Nouveau meets Manville Parks”

CP, Manville Arts Council Coloring Book, 2017

Mother´s Day “Mother´s Day”

Illustration for Greeting Card

belated - see you soon - “belated - see you soon -”

Illustration for Greeting Card


Golfing Penguins “Golfing Penguins”

postcards 15 x 10.5 cm
diverse motives + papers / colors

Golfing Penguin  No.11 “Golfing Penguin No.11”

ink on paper
21 x 14.5 cm

Golfing Penguin No. 2 “Golfing Penguin No. 2”

ink on paper
23.5 x 20 cm

Golfing Penguin “Golfing Penguin ”

oil on thin paper
29.5 x 18.5 cm

Art & Design in Books, Publications


Fantastic Recycled Plastic “Fantastic Recycled Plastic”

by David Edgar, Robin A. Edgar (NY/London: Lark Books 2009),
Artwork: 123, ISBN-10: 1600593429, ISBN-13: 978-1600593420

1,000 Artisan Textiles: Contemporary Fiber Art, Quilts, and Wearables “1,000 Artisan Textiles: Contemporary Fiber Art, Quilts, and Wearables ”

by S. Salamony, G. M. Brown (Beverly: Quary Books, Inc. 2010),
Artworks: 20, 114,162, 221,
ISBN-10: 1592536093, ISBN-13: 978-1592536092

The Drum Literary Magazine / “The Drum Literary Magazine /”

Cover Art, Issue October 17, 2011, USA
Cover Art, Issue March 22, 2012, USA


by See Me Group Inc. (USA, 2012)
Sculpture: 15,
ISBN-10: 0984871837, ISBN-13: 978-0984871834
It is wonderful book with about 300 pages of CONTEMPORARY ART
made by internat. artists (plus an index with websites).

"International World Artists Vol. I" , 2013 “"International World Artists Vol. I" , 2013”

Art Directory by (USA, 2013),
Profile: 233,

5 th Annual EXPOSURE AWARD 2015 “5 th Annual EXPOSURE AWARD 2015”

Documentary Collection, by See Me Group Inc. (USA, 2015),(1) photography,

Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates “Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates”

by Carl Simon Levin, illustrated by 35 artists (USA, 2016),
Illustrations (33, 43)
Lucretia Mott (1793- 1880), Lucy Stone (1818- 1893)

Purchase options, e.g.: Amazon:
Barnes & Noble:

Manville Arts Council Coloring Book “Manville Arts Council Coloring Book ”

by Manville Arts Council, illustrated by a selection (contest, jury) of artists (NJ/USA, 2017),
Purchase options: Manville Public Library and via MAC Website
Illustration: Page 01 and 11


ART - creativity - play - writing -drawing - fun & more “ART - creativity - play - writing -drawing - fun & more”

Art for all ages as a playful tool for forcing creativity, learning to write and draw and to express ideas and thoughts!
JOIN(ed) - Learning through Play