Nuppu Bang

Nuppu Bang

Location: France

I'm a scandinavian artist and have been creative most of my life. My style is experimental with different materials, mixed media; collage or nude drawing and painting. Very seldom I have a fixed idea when I start a project- I make mostly process oriented art and let the picture or work arise by itself.

Je suis une artiste scandinave et j'ai peint la plus grande partie de ma vie. Mon style est expérimental avec des matériaux différents, mixte media, collage ou le dessin ateljee et peinture. Très rarement j'ai une idée fixe quand je commence un projet, je peins essentiellement axée sur les processus et la peinture laisse l'image ou de travail survenir par lui-même.

1998 DIP-Slotsholmen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 Galleri 39, Sweden
2003 Blå Lagorn, Sweden
2003 Konst på stan, Sweden
2004 Café Gjuteriet, Sweden
2004 Blå Lagorn, Sweden
2004 Arvika Hamn, Sweden
2006 Gröna Galleriet, Sweden
2006 Konst på Stan, Sweden
2007 Astrologihuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007 Konst på stan, Sweden
2007 Galleri 39, Sweden
2008 Galleri Änglar och konst, Sweden
2009 Café Gjuteriet, Sweden
2011 i Bienalien, London, England
2012 Ignatius- Rejsende i en hinkerude, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 Helligåndshuset- kunstnere mod social skævhed, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 Den Blå Kors, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Ignatius- De gamleste dager er igår, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Helligåndshuset- kunstnere mod social skævhed, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Den Blå Kors, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Juleudstilling, Helligåndshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Helligåndshuset- kunstnere mod social skævhed, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Den Blå Kors, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Artkemi Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Galleri Boheme, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Helligåndshuset- juleudstilling- kunstnere mod social skævhed, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Gallery West Germany, Berlin
2015 Havnsø, Denmark
2015 Helligandshuset-sommerudstilling-kunstenatstotte, Copenhagen
2015 Galleri ClassicArt, Denmark
2015 Kulturnatten, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Odd Fellow Palæet, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Artkemi Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Gallery Boheme, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Gallerie Veg' Art, France
2016 Gadens Galleri, Copenhagen N, Denmark
2016 Gallerie Veg' Art, France
2016 Tre festdager for maleriet, Frederiksberg, Denmark
2016 Helligåndshuset, Kunstenatstøtte, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Galleri ClassicArt, Tåstrup, Denmark
2016 Kulturnatten, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Gallery Boheme, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Artkemi Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Helligåndshuset, Christmas exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Gallerie Veg' Art, France
2017 Gadens Galleri, Copenhagen N, Denmark
2017 Tre Festdager for Maleriet, Frederiksberg, Denmark
2017 Sommerudstilling, Helligåndshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Galleri ClassicArt, Tåstrup, Denmark
2017 Gallerie Veg' Art, France
2017 Kulturnatten. Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 Gadens Galleri, Copenhagen N, Denmark
2018 Metronomen, Frederiksberg, Denmark
2018 Gallerie Veg' Art, France
2018 Gallerie Veg' Art, France
2018 Galleri Classic Art, Tåstrup, Denmark
2018 Gallerie Veg'Art, France
2019 Gallerie Veg'Art France
2019 Gallerie Veg'Art, France, "Patchwork of the past"
2020 Gallerie Veg'Art, France, ' Les Réves des Femmes'
2021 Gallerie Veg'Art, France, ' L'Ange Bleu'
2022 Gallerie Veg'Art, France, ' Le Bonheur Vertical'

Member of FAOS (Female Artwork of Sweden)

- kunstenatstø, to homeless people and people in need (all sales of art donations from venues 2012- 2017)
- contre les violences faites aux femmes, ( 2018)
-, for cleaning the seas of plastic rubbish ( 2019, 2020, 2021)
-, for clean water to people living in hardest to reach places (2022)
- ONU Femmes France (2024)

Achievements, studies and courses in art/ Réalisations, des études et cours d´art:
- Art scholarship from Kallaveden Highschool, Finland
- Art line at Nurmes Peoples College, Finland
- DGC- artschool, Denmark
- Vitsø- artschool,v/ Rüdiger Mövens,Denmark
- Kvälls kroki v/ Ann- Christin Johnsson- Nordh, Arvika, Sweden
- Art Jam- freestyle painting - Hong Kong
- Sketching v/ Natalia Juarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
- Ignatius- artschool, v/ Bjørn Ignatius Økenholdt, Copenhagen,Denmark
- Coptic Iconography, v/Søster Abraham, Denmark
- Anne Lorenzen, Copenhagen, Denmark
- Arts of Rome- artschool of fine arts,Rome, Italy
- Accademia D' arte, v/ Luna Colombini & Margherita Peselli, Florence, Italy
- MoMA: Experimenting with collage v/ Katerina Lanfranco
- Live Drawing v/ Kristel, Athens, Greece
- Porta Blu- artschool v/ Alberto Parres, Rome, Italy
- Nude Life Drawing Barcelona v/ Mario José Hernandez, Barcelona, Spain
- Espaidart, Barcelona, Spain

- Finalist Certificate in Spectrum Miami Art Contest (2018)
- Certificate of Exellence in Artavita New York Artexpo contest (2018)
- Participation in CFA Artist of the year contest (2019)
- Participation in Artavita Contest: In the time of the coronavirus(2020). Among the first shortlist of 160 participants(amongst 480 full art contestant participants) with the work"Killer"
- One of the finalists in Artavita art contest 2021 with the work ' Starborn'
- Participation in Artavita contest 2022: HOPE with the work 'Le Bonheur Vertical'  

-Creative Excellence Award  with artwork: " Earth Goddess " ( Artist of the month 2024 with over 400 artist contestants )

 The press:

Arvika nyheter: Sure you can experience her oils and watercolours as music, sweet music, that take you to higher sfeers.(2002)

Arvika nyheter: There is something overnatural in Nuppu Bang's paintings, which whirl of turquoise, pink and yellow. And there is an intensity and a symbolism in her paintings.(2004)

Spectrum Miami: Your artwork really stod out to us among 350 participants...(2018 Spectrum Miami Art Contest)

Your work " Earth Goddess" did stand out to me and you have been selected for a Creative Excellence Award. (CFA director: Myrina T.Georgiou, 2024)