Solveig Originals

Solveig Originals

Location: Australia

Solveig was born in Sydney, Australia in 1952. From a young age, Solveig knew she was an artist. Visual and auditory media were both stimulating and fascinating to the creative child.
Her artistic pursuit won her a scholarship to the National Art School in Sydney. Solveig relished the wonderful, mind-bending student life. Four years of a Diploma of Painting and Sculpture flew by. She indulged in the total artist’s experience. Deep in bohemian burlesque and cabaret life, engaging in colourful, creative self-expression. She lived the peak of the psychedelic era with lectures by Martin Sharp, John Olsen, Ken Reinhard. Elite artists of the time.

Following college, Solveig closed the chapter on her wondrous, expressive, creative life. And started a new chapter: mothering her three boys. As they grew up and into manhood, she stole moments to be to follow her artistic bent.

Solveig’s style developed as she became infatuated with colour. She looked to the artists that most excited her with their palette. The Impressionists and the post Impressionists won her over. And she applied their colour theory to her work. Instead of dabs of colour, Solveig chose to work in shapes. This achieved a more graphic quality to the impressionist manifesto.

She became a psychologist and a hypnotherapist, gaining insights into the human condition. She sought wisdom around how we behave and think, and why we do the strange things we do. Again, Solveig found inspiration. A stream of creative expression burst forth and her Healing Journey Series was born.
Having painted many works over the years, Solveig built up a trust in her skill and instincts. Painting became a subconscious undertaking. Her process from beginning to end a meditation. Present, loving, joyful, and channeling co-creation.

Her artwork has taken her to Hong Kong to the Asia Contemporary Art Show. And she has appeared in a couple of segments on Colour in Your Life. Solveig is an unstoppable creative force since, living a joyful life. She mirrors her times and environment. Every day, she commits herself to being an artist and practicing her craft. She hones her graphic impressionist style and creates beautiful nature-inspired original artworks.


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