Sue Macleod-beere

Sue MacLeod-Beere

Location: Australia

Sue is an oil painter based in Sydney, Australia represented in the US by Edward Montgomery Fine Art, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California and in Australia by Brenda Colahan Fine Art, Sydney.
A grand view, quirky suburban scene, or slice of domestic life all inspire her.
“I’m constantly intrigued by the depth of the subject not initially observed - a story within."
She works directly where possible using a limited palette, plein air painting being a particular passion. Sue trained in the UK attaining a BA(hons).



These works are mostly inspired by the interior of my home. How the light falls on a scene and placement of particular objects helps me to convey a mood.
Edward Montgomery Fine Art, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California USA has these paintings.

Bunny “Bunny”

My inspiration was a stained glass lamp with a dragon fly design on the shade which has a calming green glow in the evening. Family photos, a large mirror and plaster rabbit surround it.
12 x 12 inches, Oil on board.

Downstairs, Upstairs “Downstairs, Upstairs”

It was fun filling the living spaces to show that the apartment is inhabited as well as choosing the colour scheme. I’ve included a life drawing of mine on the left wall. 
The painting is based on a home I once lived in.
24 x 18 inches, Oil on board

Homecoming “Homecoming”

Inspired by a drawing in my sketchbook. My painting of Sydney harbour is on the furthest wall to set the location and the closest painting is influenced by New Zealand artist Colin McCahon helping to echo the curves in the painting as well as a link to New Zealand. The characters in my stage set are the loyal dog coming to greet the owners at the front door and the cat heading to the kitchen.
40 x 30 inches, Oil on canvas.

The Yellow Room “The Yellow Room”

I used the fireplace in our lounge room as the starting point for this work. The painting over the hearth is one of mine (Callan Park in Sydney) where I experimented with colour. The colours in that painting echoes those in the room. The Southern Cross in the night sky helping to indicate the location. I extended the dog theme into the statues on the mantelpiece and ducks taking flight. I don’t have a dog but would love one so enjoyed painting him.
24 x 18 inches, Oil on board

Lounging “Lounging”

”Lounging” is inspired by my own lounge room with a family heirloom Victorian brass candlestick prominently placed on the mantlepiece. It is painted directly with a limited palette.
24 x 18 inches, Oil on board