Arlene Rabinowitz

Arlene Rabinowitz

Location: Israel


Born 1959, in South Africa, based in Israel. Self-taught artist with main interest in visual music art, and Synaesthesia in the arts.
Studied Fine Art at Unisa (South Africa) in 1991 and has continued drawing to music and exploring the relationship between sound and art in realism drawings as well as in abstract art. Spent three decades in the African Bush where much of the art was inspired.
The art revolves broadly around the synthesis between drawing, music and light in the fields of nature, science, and Synesthesia in the arts.
Emphasis is on progressive evolving conceptual art and visual Synesthetic experiences.
Currently working with drawings on paper, (pastel) new media art, animation and video art.

Formal Study
1971 – 1980 Bat Dor school of Dance Tel Aviv Israel- Classical Ballet,
Modern Dance and Jazz; Theory of Music (Dance)
1990 –1996 Fine Art (FA) BA Unisa South Africa University


1994 Bedford Gallery Wildlife Art, Paintings Collective exhibition
1993-1995 Sandton Square, collective exhibit, various art works

1996 The Space Gallery, Solo Exhibition, ‘Home’. Graphite drawing and
Light show.
2001 Net Art Agricola de Cologna – On line Exhibition Mirror to the bottom
Grahamstown Arts Festival 28th June
Kids Safe Arts Project Cape Town SA

2010 The Flux museum, “Fluxfaceinspace”, 19th Sep 201
First contemporary International group art exhibition in space. Utilizing The Face in Space Program from NASA
2010 Liberty Arts Gallery, Yreka, California, “See the Music/Hear
the Color”: Synaesthesia in Art”. 24th Sep-6th Nov 2010

2012 Fado Festival 19th Oct 2012 Video art collaboration with Antonio Brech
Festival Internacional De Fado De Catalunya-Interfado Fundacion Internacional Artecitta, 19-20 Oct 2012
2013 Publication Poems, ‘Set Desire’

2014 Rocky Neck Art Colony MA USA, Animation Based photography and digital paintings, May 15th-1st June 2014
2014 Light Space and Time on line Gallery, Special merit category –“Nature”
2015 Synaesthesia and Visual Arts 16-19th May 2015 Alcala La Real Spain.
2015 5th Annual Open art Exhibition, Light Space and Time on line Gallery, Special merit category, “Rapture” Aug 2015
2015 Publication in Art Women 278 Magazine, page feature. Oct issue.

Research and Study Interests
Synesthesia in the Arts
Creative Sonification of music in visual Fine Art
Visual Music
Painting music
Live Concert drawings
Video Abstract Art Screening
Writings: Essays, anecdotes, Tales
Design prints
Clay, pottery works

Work Experience

Children’s Nature art classes and activities (1998-2001)
Art workshops – group activities - visual music - drawings


Arlene Rabinowitz
Arlene Rabinowitz Kibbutz Neot semadar D.N. Hevel Eilot 88860 Israel

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Research on the theme of "home" done in 1995 while living in various game reserves in South Africa.
The works were done in pastel and in fragmented style.
From the solo exhibition of "Home" Mike Frampton Gallery 1996 Johannesburg South Africa

Desolation “Desolation”

Two soul mates in an embrace, where they feel at home with each other. The woman is nude and denotes truth while the man is yet to be discovered.
Pastel on paper. 1995

South African Grace “South African Grace”

Done during the time Mandela came into power. I was living in small game reserves and communities where we embraced the new changes.
Steps to democracy.

Pastel on paper, prints available. 1996

Eagle in Flight “Eagle in Flight”

A sketch of eagle in flight. Pastel on paper

Africa Dances “Africa Dances”

African dancers, wildlife, a mystical event.
Pastel on paper

Exodus “Exodus”

Journey's in the African Bush. Drawn to music.
Pastel on paper

The Wagon “The Wagon”

In a time I was moving and travelling a lot. A depiction of this journey in the African Bush.
Pastel on paper

The Fist “The Fist”

A drawing of a clenched fist.
Pastel on paper

Memories “Memories”

A fragmented styled drawing of memories.
Pastel on paper

The Foot “The Foot”

A drawing of a section of sandaled foot.
Pastel on paper

Moving Woman “Moving Woman”

A drawing of one woman moving on one plane. drawn to music real time.
Pastel on paper

A Village “A Village”

A fragmented styled drawing of an African village and its people.
Drawn to music.
Pastel on paper
Private Collection Mpumalanga Parliment Fine Arts Dep.

Nomadism “Nomadism”

Using a Giraffe as a symbol for nomadic life. From the exhibition "Home"

Food for Thought “Food for Thought”

Home hearth and spirit of a home in the African bush.
Pastel on paper 1996

Meeting Place “Meeting Place”

A spiritual fragmented style depiction of a meeting place. Based on a journey taken in the South African Bush.
Pastel on paper 1996

Mighty Birth “Mighty Birth”

A fragmented styled image of a metaphoric state of birth.
Pastel on paper

Mother and child “Mother and child”

An imaginary image of mother and child.
Pastel on paper

Path Reflection “Path Reflection”

Self portrait. The road of adventure in the African Bush.

SA Pot Bait “SA Pot Bait”

I let my imagination run with this one. Hens resting in a braaing pot, Guards sleeping on duty. All observations from daily life in game reserves in SA.
Pastel on paper to Deep Purple music.