Marlise Witschi

Marlise Witschi

Location: Canada

Marlise was born in Switzerland to an Artist painter and sculptor father. She painted all her life, on and off. Since 2007 she got trained through workshops, Art Residencies and Retreats in the US and Canada, where she eventually moved to. She was an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and sold her paintings through their shows. 

In 2021, she moved to Mexico, where she lives in the Baja California Sur, and the Island of  Cozumel. 
Her modalities are Acrylics and Mixed Media. 

Marlise is known for her large colorful paintings. She loves to express our true Nature, which is freedom and joy, with her art.


Récent Creations

I painted this series in the Baja Mexico, where I reside a part of the year.