Halina Guzda-otwinowska

Halina Guzda-Otwinowska

Location: Poland

The biography:
I was born in Poland. In 1976 I graduated the Academy of Fine Arts at the faculty of ceramics and glass. I'm a functional and unique forms of glass designer and a fashion designer. Since 1980 I was a teacher at the High School of Fashion. On my artistic career path are many exhibitions of paintings and artistic glass in Poland, Deutschland, Spain, Italy. I received many awards and prizes. Even title Master Class of Art. My works are in three museums in Poland and in Denmark. In 2018 I received the CARAVAGGIO International Prize in Milan. The year 2019 is full of another great events. In February in Florence I received the International Prize Botticelli, in April this year I participated in the International Bienalle at the Meam Museum in Barcelona and I received the International Prize Velazquez In Mantowa. In June this year I participate in the International Exhibition at Dioclesano Museo and I received the International Prize ARTIST OF THE 2019 YEAR. In July 2019 I received INTERNATIONAL PRIZE MICHELANGELO in Rome and in november- INTERNATIONAL PRIZE GIOTTO in Lisbon. I appeared in the most important art book THE BEST MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS of 2019 YEAR and ART MUSEUM SELECTION. In project “Segnalati” I received an award because of recognition of precious artistic activity, daily contribution to the world of art and culture. All these projects were currated by Dott Francesco Saverio Russo and Dott Salvatore Russo.


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