Angelia Wilson

Art is my breath, my passion...within it you see me.

I have always enjoyed art as a venue for my ideas and dreams. I want to share my passion for art with others who enjoy the beauty of interpretation.

My art and creation is generally done through paintings as I enjoy the expression through oil and acrylic paints used to express my emotions. I also enjoy sketching with pencil and charcoal. I have trained in Paris with the best professors, completed my Masters of Fine Arts, shown my work in galleries around the world and won awards that distinguish my work. I have taught in higher education for over fourteen years, exciting the minds of young artists.

Painting is a magical experience that I have enjoyed since childhood. 'Looking at the world through an artist eyes gives one the ability to take from it what you see and create what you feel.' My intention is to create artwork that will allow the viewer to feel the world around them, see the expression of the artist and develop an emotion for what one is viewing.

Art evokes emotion and expression; within it, you will see the artist.


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