Location: Australia

Richard Siemens Artist

Professional Australian artist, Richard Siemens, has dedicated his painting career to mastering the intricate techniques of realism, with a speciality on creating 'form'. His style can only be described as "ultra-realism", crafted masterpieces of incomparable workmanship. Collectors admire not only the elegant, striking compositions of Richard Siemens' artworks, but the masterful ability and talent with which he has painted them.


Richard Siemens Artist

Highly detailed Oil and Acrylic paintings.

Epitomy of Art “Epitomy of Art”

Highly detailed Oil/Acrylic painting 76 x 51 cm

Sea Breeze “Sea Breeze”

Highly detailed Oil/Acrylic painting 80 x 100 cm

Hooked on Shark “Hooked on Shark”

Highly detailed oil/acrylic painting 41 x 82 cm

"World Wide Web" “"World Wide Web"”

50 x 100 cm oil and acrylic painting

"Lookout" “"Lookout"”

Highly detailed 70 x 90 cm oil and acrylic painting