Alan M Morrison

Alan M Morrison

Location: Australia

I am Alan Macfarlane Morrison, born in Edinburgh in 1955. A schoolboy in the 60's, a student in the 70's, and a thirty year career 'journeyman' as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. I met a Scots girl on the Gold Coast in Australia. We emigrated to Brisbane Australia from Scotland in 1985. and also beautiful tropical Port Douglas for a couple of years. We have been blessed with two wonderful children now grown and flown...(almost). Actually one DNF and an occasional returner...Both have abundant artistic talent and are getting to use it.

I always liked to paint and draw although I was guided to more technical subjects at school, so I allowed my artistic side had to be satisfied with the study of the 'built environment''. Doodles where meeting minutes might have been more appropriate.

My principal creative outlet has been the design, renovation, remodeling and extension of our family home in The Gap. This has been a twenty year project and to this day, there is more that could be done. It is my "Grand Design" and my studio / gallery doubles as a spacious and comfortable Air BnB.

I love Australia, it is where we've made our home and enjoyed the 'Lucky Country' during a great period of history, love the footy, love the weather and the good lifestyle. Lucky to be here in 1997 and all the years following after a heart attack and six bypass grafts. Much better twenty years on; thanks to ever so many people along the way, Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to art, after all home is where the art is! However, family and work and other things precluded my spending a great deal of time painting for pleasure, although a great deal of time has been spent with a paint brush in hand! I took up photography young and over the years I have been fortunate enough to travel quite extensively and visit Scotland on a number of occasions always with camera at hand. I long for my next visit...

I have traced my ancestry to the North West of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides and there is no greater gift a man can have than a sunny day in those parts, a remote wild and unforgiving glacial landscape as rugged as the people who live there. A romantic at heart then?

The form is naive impressionist abstract, landscapes, seascapes I find emotive of places I have been, that I would like to share with you. I also work in digital media I love the moments of spontaneity and serendipity that art processes can produce.

I am happy to present these original works, I hope you will connect :)

Thanks for reading...
Alan M


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