Valentina Baicuianu

Valentina Baicuianu

Location: Romania

I am Romanian, born in Bucharest in a family where my mother and her younger sister had an impressive drawing talent, but the political climate back then was almost toxic for artists, so eventually they didn’t pursue their calling. My first true experience with painting portraits was in fifth grade. Years later, I graduated from Law University and built an amazing career in the corporate world, keeping an eye on the art phenomenon as a passionate observer. For more than 20 years, I totally ignored my drawing skills, until early 2018, when I had an inner call to start painting, knowing that it was always there, patiently waiting for the right time to come. And the right time eventually came, so in the early 2018 I embarked myself on an amazing art journey, one of continuous creativity, exploration and growth and everything has evolved gradually. Art is an inner call, a spiritual need, there are so many things to communicate though my art. I am a self-educated artist. I value creativity, authenticity. My focus is on the entire everyday life spectrum, my overall influence come from life itself, people and my emotions. I aim to recreate the everyday characters through most of my portraits, aiming to catch a certain expression, a thought, an attitude. People are a never-ending source of creativity.

12 - 19 September, 2019 - Solo Exhibition, Galateca Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania ;

23 November - 3 December, 2019 “CONTEMPORARY ART TRENDS, Group Exhibition, Firenze, Galleria Merlino Bottega d’Arte, Italy ;

16-24 December 2019 , ''ART SYMPOSIUM'', Group Exhibition, Firenze, Galleria Merlino Bottega d’Arte, Italy

December 2019 , 5 artworks were selected by Bougie Art Gallery to participate in the virtual exhibition called Contemporary Man

Magazines and Evaluation

1. Artist value 1500 EUR 65/60 cm



I paint in acrylic and oil an canvas, styles abstract expressionism, classic art, impressionism, contemporary art, modern. I get my inspiration from day to day life, observing people emotions as as from life, my joy, my struggle, my emotions.

Hiding “Hiding”

Portrait painting, acrylic on canvas, abstract expressionism, modern, contemporary art. size 50x70 cm, 1750 Euro.

Nostalgic “Nostalgic”

Classic art with abstract elements, acrylic on canvas, size 50x70 cm, price 1600 Euro

Man from the past “Man from the past”

Classic art with abstract elements, size 50x70cm, price 1600 Euro. Shipping included in the price

Boleyn vs graffiti “Boleyn vs graffiti”

classic art with graffiti background, crylic on canvas, size 60x80 cm, price 1700 euro

Louring “Louring”

Animal dressed in human clothing portrait series
size 100x70 cm

Dashing me “Dashing me”

Animal dressed in human clothing portrait series
size 100x100 cm

Low-spirited “Low-spirited”

Animal dressed in human clothing portrait series.
size 100x80 cm

Churchill “Churchill”

abstract portrait
size 100x80 cm

Alter Ego “Alter Ego”

Alter Ego , part of Fragile series
size 100x100 cm

Fragile “Fragile”

Contemporary art
size 100x100cm

Cast in stone memories “Cast in stone memories”

Conceptual art, contemporary art
size 120x100 cm

Fragile 1 “Fragile 1”

size 100x80 cm

Moody “Moody”

contemporary art
size 80x60 cm

Blossom “Blossom”

oil on canvas
100x80 cm

Freedom “Freedom”

Expressionism, contemporary art
acrylic on canvas
100x80 cm

Stream of Life “Stream of Life”

wall art
acrylic on canvas
size 160x100 cm

Boared “Boared”

figurative art
oil on canvas
size 120 x80 cm

Adele “Adele”

symbolism , art nuveau, Klimt inspiration
acrylic on canvas
size 100x80 cm

Unspoken words “Unspoken words”

Art deco inspired
acrylic on canvas
size 50x70 cm

New genetics “New genetics”

abstract , figurative art
acrylic on canvas
size 100x80 cm

Feels like spring “Feels like spring ”

Figurative art
acrylic on canvas
size 100x100 cm