Amélie Robitaille

Amélie Robitaille

Location: Canada

I was born in Loretteville, QC and now live in Québec, QC. I am a painter in figurative art using oil painting on canvas. When I paint, I try to reproduce the subject as precisely as possible. In most of my art, I remember my traveling souvenirs, Cuba beaches, Peru canyons, etc., or animals. I enjoy hicking, outdoors, nature, animals and traveling. I like taking pictures that inspire me to paint. I am starting to associate myself with professional photographers who allow me to use their photos to enlarge my repertoire of inspiring images.



I am an animal lover since chilhood. Painting their hair or feathers in a precise way is always a great chalenge and a lot of fun for me.

Smart redhead “Smart redhead”

Acrylic and oil painting on a wooden canvas. This painting was done using a photo by Rolland Gelly with his permission. / Acrylique et peinture à l'huile sur toile de bois. Réalisée à partir d'une photo de Rolland Gelly

Petite nyctale “Petite nyctale”

This painting is inspired by a photo of a very talented photographer called Maxime Legare-Vezina. It is made of acrylic and oil on a wood canvas.

Curiosity “Curiosity”

Made of oil painting on acrylic background.This artwork is a recycling project of a reproduction bought in decoration boutique. It is not thus a conventional pattern but the result is very well and we do not see the image that there there before through the painting because of the several thick coats of acrylic paint that were applied.

Colorful “Colorful”

This beautiful bird is called a rainbow loriqueet. I was inspired by a photograph by Serge Demers photography with his permission of course. I used some geso to create a texture in the background. This beauty is so colorful!

Beautiful nature

Nature is so beautiful. Not easy to reproduce in exactitude on canvas but always a great chalenge.

Life instinct “Life instinct”

For this artwork, I have painted the whole canvas with black acrylic paint before painting the details with oil. The name of this painting ''Life instinct'' comes from the representation of waterfalls in dreams. It is the third element between the top and the bottom.

Travel souvenirs

I don't travel as much as I would like to, but when I do, I appreciate all the beautiful places I visit and the best way to keep them in my memory is to reproduce them on canvas.

Boats in Santorini “Boats in Santorini”

This painting is inspired from a beautiful scene taken in Santorini, Grece. So many colors!