Alla Grande

Alla GrAnde

Location: Germany

Painter, draftswoman, sculptor
Alla GrAnde, the award-winning artist, is a passionate dancer on all stages of creative design and artistic creation. She is an architect, designer, sculptor and above all an incredibly versatile multi-talented artist with her own vision. Art and design are her life, and the German artist lives them in a fascinating creative diversity and intensity.
As a designer, Alla GrAnde works for many well-known companies such as Teba GmbH & Co.KG (Germany), CarpetVista (Sweden), etc. She not only designs rooms and screens, but also furniture, jewelry, etc.

But what makes ALLA-ART really unique is the creation of new dimensions through light and structure.
Alla GrAnde creates three-dimensional light effects and builds an artistic bridge from painting to sculpture, moving from the usual flat form of representation to 3D, incorporating various techniques and new art materials.
Her exploration of different media results in works of great originality and novelty.

Her practice draws on a dynamic and multifaceted approach to art production that includes sculpture, object, drawing, painting and design.

In 2009, Alla GrAnde began to contribute her art to social commitments. In cooperation with the Menschen für Menschen Karlheinz Böhm Ethiopia Aid Foundation, she launched the WANDERBILD (Art meets Charity) project, which was awarded BEST OF THE BEST in Paris.

Numerous solo exhibitions in Germany and abroad have made her and her unmistakable painting style known to a broad audience interested in contemporary art.
Her works are in private and public collections in Germany, USA, France, Dubai, UAE, Taiwan, Ukraine, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden and Monaco.



household gloss on canvas
Wood floating frame white + installation are included in the price.
"KISS - is a visual expression of our inner love and affection." Alla Grande
All we need in life - is LOVE.
LOVE - is the only reason why we came into this world.
LOVE is one of the strongest and most beautiful emotions we have and a KISS symbolizes love without words.
With a KISS you can pass this feeling on and make it visible to everyone!
All my KUSS works are the diverse AMBASSADOR of our inner LOVE and affection.