Buda Balazs

BUDA Balazs

Location: France

The painter Balazs BUDA constantly trying to capture the "Beautiful"; and enter only the good in life. He finds it everywhere, in everything that surrounds him : people, nature, the environment ; and he shares it with his art.
Born into a family of scientists, his interest quickly turned to the sciences of life and, early on, he felt the need to not only "study" this life, but express, embody and also make it speak. His Teacher Training of Fine Arts and Biology, clearly demonstrates that double will. He teaches both disciplines in schools in Hungary and France, then makes a break of a few years in the world of fashion in Paris. After this, he devoted himself entirely to painting.
His works are painted with the traditional technique of oil painting. He grabbed all the well-known subjects, be it portraits, objects or landscapes, with a different look and a good touch of his own. These works are never part of a serie or sequence, because he considers each painting as unique, their realization requires a different approach. Creation is always a struggle of expression, but at the same time learning the technique and the intrinsic nature of things.
Balazs Buda is at the origin of a technique, the Painting-Tapestry, which he himself invented and he's working on its development since 1990. This technique combines oil painting to the three-dimensionality of the textile. This attachment to "wire", textiles, embroidery, probably comes from his Hungarian origins, midway between the oriental glow and folk embroidery. He is constantly in search of new artistic challenges, both in the art, that in the expression itself. His works in oil evolve with ever wider palette, his mastery of the technique allows him to extend his subjects in new directions, when his Paintings of Tapestry offered him still unexploited prospects in contemporary art.


Jumble of my paintings

Here you can find my recent works: Still-lives , Landscapes, Portraits, Paintings of Tapestries...

Creeping wisterias    	           “Creeping wisterias ”

Oil on canvas (65 x 92) 2014

"Angelic has a rest"  “"Angelic has a rest" ”

This painting is based on yellows, ocher and moss green, balanced and maintained by two more or less large area of red and orange. In the composition the swirling and bouncing dance of vegetables is limited by the immobility and transparency of the dog. ... Oil on canvas (80  x  80  cm)

Winter clarity “Winter clarity ”

A portrait that took a long time to come true. In the short light of a winter afternoon, a face is looking us. Her eyes do not challenge us, she weighs us with tenderness. This softness is magnified by the brutal contrast of very dark and very bright spots. Ocher, flesh, prussian blue and bright turquoise give the theme of this square painting, which is something unusual for a portrait.
Oil on canvas (60 x 60)

Twigs of cherry in jam jar “Twigs of cherry in jam jar”

Oil on canvas / (50 x 50 cm)

Young woman with her dog “Young woman with her dog”

Oil on canvas / (130 x 97 cm)

Gourmet Pansy “Gourmet Pansy”

Oil on canvas / ( 50 x 50 cm)

 Châtillon, blinding rooftops “ Châtillon, blinding rooftops”

Oil on canvas / (80 x 80 cm)
After long days of cold and rain, at last we had fine weather. It was at Chatillon-en-Bazois that I found this magnificent subject; the impressive castle overlooking the water-gardens and canals. Millions of greens, golden tones and orange because autumn approaches slowly

In a green stable, black horses … “In a green stable, black horses …”

Oil on canvas / (54 x 73 cm)
The second painting of the "yellow-age" is a pure still-life style. The pink dotted spots are intended to highlight the bright, yellow color of the yellow watermelon. The installation is flooded by the abundant sun, semi-backlit, which not only generates shadows, but also reflections on the polished table. The melons and pattypans are almost projected from the plane of the image, contrasting with the flat shadows so characteristic of the backlight. Thus comes the enigma of our childhood: In a green stable, black horses eat yellow fodder. What is it?

Even August disappears “Even August disappears”

Oil on canvas / (92 x 73)
This painting has another atmosphere, almost melancholic in its subject, but its execution is very vigorous. In the foreground a vase of Moorish charm with eosine reflections, and a bouquet of gladioli, which begin to flourish. In the background a character pensive, dreamy, dressed in blue makes counterpoint with salmon-orange vase , the flowers and the table ...

Mirror of a willow “Mirror of a willow”

Oil on canvas / (92 x 73 cm)
This picture is a relatively large landscape which crowns the paintings made in Hungary. Above the numb waters of the canal, curls an enormous weeping willow, cutting hard shadows in the yellow-orange surfaces of the scorching morning. In the water the crystalline reflections are shredded by the ribbons of frogbits and water lilies. The paint treatment is fresh, vibrant as the atmosphere, so this painting acquires a real impressionist style.

What about June? “What about June?”

Painting of Tapestry / (80 x 80 cm)

But who holds Baby-Dog? “But who holds Baby-Dog?”

Painting of Tapestry / (80 x 80 cm)

In the grazing light “In the grazing light”

Oil on canvas / (60 x 60 cm)
This new still life seems to emerge from unfathomable depths and after being seen, she will take refuge there again.
On a square canvas the components form another square turned on its tip. Everything is bathed in a glowing red light which, one might say, comes from the strawberries that first succumb to the incandescent flash of the grazing light.

Mist of Saint John's dawn “Mist of Saint John's dawn”

Oil on canvas / (73 x 92 cm)
Just a moment, where the sun through the foliage of trees, sifted, illuminates the countryside that wakes up. Mists, atmospheric perspectives make this painting almost impressionist.

Flemish chromatic fantasy “Flemish chromatic fantasy”

Oil on canvas / 60 x 60 cm)

Comfort me ! “Comfort me ! ”

Oil on canvas / (92 x 73)
In a setting that can at first sight be described as "austere", here is the portrait of a young woman, Flemish style, with a barzoï on her knees. The ready to smile contrast between the size of the dog and the moment of tenderness is accentuated by the opposition of the clear spot of the subjects, arising from the darkness of the room. The two beings are like welded, forming a bounded triangular composition. May this moment last a little longer!

 "The Anguison", said the gentleman “ "The Anguison", said the gentleman”

Oil on canvas / (80 x 80 cm)

Appointment at Pont Alexandre... “Appointment at Pont Alexandre...”

Painting of Tapestry / (97 x 130 cm)

An afternoon by two “An afternoon by two”

Oil on canvas / (114 x 146 cm)

Blue cheese and a little red “Blue cheese and a little red”

Oil on canvas / (60 x 60 cm)

From the other side of the bridge “From the other side of the bridge”

Oil on canvas / (60 x 81 cm)

 The cove of Diben “ The cove of Diben ”

Oil on canvas / ( 89 x 130 cm)