Susan Moore

Susan Moore

Location: Canada

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Susan has been drawing and painting all her life. After high school, she attended the Vancouver School of Art and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design ( now University College) for fine art & illustration. A few years later, Susan attended Kwantlen University College where she attained her Associate Degree in Graphic Design. She has been freelancing since 1987, mostly fine art commissions and some book illustration and graphic design. Susan's forte is in illustrations of children, fantasy and nature.



Phyllis_Sunflower Girl “Phyllis_Sunflower Girl”

Watercolour portrait

Spirit Moonscape “Spirit Moonscape”

Watercolour fantasy dream image

Margie & Bill 1947 “Margie & Bill 1947”

Pen and ink vintage drawing
1937 Harley Davidson

Eagle “Eagle”

Pen and ink detail of American Bald Eagle

Centaur “Centaur”

Pen and ink interior illustration for Victorian Era fantasy adventure book.

Fairy Shower “Fairy Shower”

Coloured pencil drawing of fairy having a shower under a mushroom

Elephant Mountain Ranch “Elephant Mountain Ranch”

Oil on canvas rural landscape, Princeton, British Columbia.