Tonya Smith

Associate of Art-LCCC/The Baum School of Art
Bachelor of Art-Cedar Crest College (2016)
I create artworks of visual effects that evoke an effect through visually unifying divisional grids, glyphs of automatic writing and the value patterns of color with different subjects.
I strive to capture the power in re-defining 2-D artwork by making invented images through the juxtaposition of elements that do not seem as if they would belong together: text with color, the use of color and shapes to capture a feeling as they stand out on their own, and creations of modern myths through visual storytelling.
The use of mixed media materials is used to elaborate the dimensions of my art works because each part of the pieces are designed in intervals. The first process is use of a pattern in the backgrounds because it creates volume by consuming the negative space. Second, I contrast the colors of the background grid used with automatic writings of glyphic characters. Afterwards, the tangible subject of the artwork is created separately on paper- painted and drawn- and mounted on top of the completed canvas. This juxtaposition brings out comparison, yet unity in each work of art and project, my methodology is the same- the subject matter of each body of work determines the materials used, and the form of work that it will take shape in. Yet in each work I explore the dualism of harmony and variety which to me, commands the piece as interesting.


Newest Kiss

18” x 24” : Paper (Acrylic; Ink) mounted on Canvas (Acrylic)