Yeshaya Dank

"My watercolour art explores everything that is beautiful in this world...

People, places, emotions, experiences and opportunities."

- Yeshaya Dank.

I want beauty to be accessible to everyone, and for there to be the understanding that beauty exists everywhere, all the time, you just need to search for it and you will be dearly rewarded!

I paint the uncharted territory, the places and things that I've never seen painted like this before or from this angle.

I try to put many hidden gems into one painting, just waiting for you to discover.
Showing how everything has beauty, it's just waiting to be discovered.

The artists who inspire my work include:

Edvard Munch, Vincent Van Gogh, and JR.

To see all of my other creative projects please visit: or or search for "Yeshaya Dank" anywhere online.


Yeshaya Dank's 3D watercolor paintings on canvas

the perfect evening “the perfect evening”

You just watched a dazzling sunset with your favorite person in the world!

What would be a better way to continue this special experience, than to have a private bonfire and enjoy each others company?!

The stunning sunset is slowly fading and the night is beginning to fall. The weather is warm, still and quiet.

With your hands on each others shoulders, you both slowly stroll towards the perfect fire spot you prepared that afternoon.

All that remains to do is drop in a match and light up the night.

This painting arrives ready to hang.

an afternoon at the prairie “an afternoon at the prairie”

You have your picnic basket packed with your favorite french bread, butter, cheese and wine. A snuggly blanket to lie on, some pillows and maybe a frizbee. The sun is shining brightly and there is hardly a cloud on the horizon. The summer day is just perfect.

You've set out to find that perfect spot to sit with with your thoughts or perhaps your significant other, a close friend or a group of good friends. For a nice afternoon picnic, in this beautiful prairie.

Your in luck too...there's not a soul in sight!

All you have left to do, is find that perfect spot to sit with with your thoughts or perhaps your significant other, a close friend or a group of good friends.

Soak in the sunshine in this beautiful location. Watch the birds as they fly overhead, announcing their existance to the world through shrill cries and fluttering of wings, as they dive and glide in formation. Grasses and moss sit atop small mounds on the dry clay earth. At their base sits small pools of fresh water, filled by yesterdays rain.

Eat, drink and be happy. It's only you and whoever you brought along. Let go and enjoy the nature. The shades of green, brown and blue. All the textures, the colours and everything, savor it all! Let the food and wine enhance your experience further. Make merry and enjoy the fresh, crisp air. The best time is right here, right now!

(optional, bonus scene, lighting change required - turn off any yellow lights and turn on LED or white-blue lights at night. Draw the blinds for a moment during the day.)

A refreshing breeze blows through, the grass swirls in kaleidoscope motions. A few clouds blow over. Ahhh...enjoy the breeze! Now, with the sun out of your eyes, you see the birds feathers in all their dazzling glory. The cracked ground is like a mosaic. The sky is adorned with cloud wisps, creating patterns as far as the eye can see. Wow! Who knew what a difference a lighting change could make!

autumn in a Japanese garden “autumn in a Japanese garden”

Your strolling through a Japanese garden during the autumn. Gazing across the slow moving stream, many things catch your eye. There is a Japanese maple tree whose leaves are changing colours. A stone lantern and a bonsai tree without leaves. You also see and hear the relaxing sound of water slowly pouring out of a bamboo fountain. Allow yourself to relax and soak in your beautiful surroundings!

Transitioning “Transitioning”

I chose to depict the perfectly enchanting place; between two perfect trees, that looks over the seemingly endless blue horizon, beyond you.
The perfect nature spot is yours anytime you want, right here in front of you; enjoy it...Ahhh...breath in, and breath out, and imagine yourself breathing that refreshing air, new air!
Allow your mind to settle, let your body relax, take a seat if you need, or lie down, do whatever it is that you need in order to let go right here, right now, for as long as you need, it's ok; life can wait.
Now that you are feeling relaxed, and more at ease, lets discuss what else this artwork could be exploring.
What else is transitioning?
Going between your old self, shedding what you don't like, and acquiring what you do like, in it's place; i.e. a total transformation for the better!
Now let me ask you dear reader; would not want the opportunity to be the ultimate version of yourself, if you were given it?!
Of course you would say YES; in a heartbeat!
Now that is how people who want to transition feel, they want to become that ultimate version of themselves; but someone decides that they are going to try, and stop them, from making this ultimate improvement to their lives; could you imagine someone took away your one chance to be the ultimate you, by putting up laws that block you?!
No way, would you stand for this!!
So, why do so many people not stand up for trans peoples rights, when what trans people want, is ultimately the same goal, as everyone who strives to be their ultimate selves?!
See, standing up for trans rights is so logical...
Since, you already stand up for rights like that for yourself, so it's not that much more effort to stand up for other people, especially when they share the same goal as you; i.e. becoming the best human they possibly can be!
So, you see dear reader; that trans rights are really the same rights as we all wish for, and therefore we should all seek protect the rights of our fellow trans human beings!