Rossato Franco

Rossato Franco

Location: Italy

I'm a post- impressionist painter. I use almost always oil colours, also to complete mixed tecnique works.
It is only 19 years i am painting, after 36 years of a very different work. I have attended more courses out of academy, as bare, portrait, mixed tecniques, ...
I love nature in all its expressions and in every light conditions.
As I am a venetian native, I often paint lagoon subjects.


about my works

here are some painting to give to an improbable visitor an idea about my painting art

memories “memories”

a well-known model while recollecting
oil cm. 60x90

spring flowering “spring flowering”

is an oil with mixed tecnique, cm 60x125

after the storm “after the storm”

the yet green wheat is down, while the storm is going away
olio, cm 60x90

by moonlight “by moonlight”

gondolas and the view of s.George isle from s.Marco square
oil cm. 60x50