Anthea Piszczuk

Anthea Piszczuk

Location: Australia

I am inspired by the abstract patterns I see in our environment.

I choose to replicate these using simplistic spirited colour and texture. This may manifest in fibre, pastel, paint, collage or a fusion of these!

My creations are always visual and sometimes functional.

I trained in Graphic design in the late 1970s and later spent a period introducing art techniques to children. Travel spurred my personal creativity and this current journey began in 2006. It has been rejuvenating and rewarding as I delight in each completed piece.

My participation in exhibitions throughout 2007 to 2010 further stirred my creativity and added to my multiplicity.


Untempered - Glamorous Artoholics

Carnivale - Courturiere Top of the Torrens

SALA - Glamorous Artoholics

Lillyfield Gallery

Barossa Regional Gallery


Carnivale Courturiere - Top of the Torrens

Veritas Winery

Gawler Art Awards - highly commended Hanging Textile

Barossa Regional Gallery


Barossa Barrel Art

Barossa Vintage Festival - Glamorous Artoholics

Carnivale Courturiere - Top of the Torrens

SALA - Delicately Arrested, Seppeltsfield


SALA - We like to SALA by the Seaside - Glenelg

Barossa Regional Gallery - Adornment

On the Rocks - 17th Annual Surf Art Exhibition - Port Noarlunga


Beautiful Birth Festival - 27 Feb Fullarton Park

International Contemporary Masters IV 2011 - South Nevada Museum of Fine Art 16 April - June 4

The journey is still young......

Anthea Piszczuk - Angaston, South Australia



mostly oil pastel

Resonate Countenance “Resonate Countenance”

Oil pastel and acrylc on canvas

 Morning's Light “ Morning's Light”

oil pastel on paper

 Depth “ Depth”

oil pastel and acrylic on canvas

 Regenerating “ Regenerating”

oil pastel and oil on paper

 Gum's shed “ Gum's shed”

Oil pastel, oil and acrylic on paper

 Coastal breeze “ Coastal breeze”

oil pastel and acrylic on canvas

 New Bark “ New Bark”

Oil on canvas - sold

 New bark wept “ New bark wept”

Oil pastel and acrylic on canvas 100 x 100cm
The fabulous range of colour witnessed as new bark replaces the shed, and then there is a gentle bleed of fresh sap.
This is my largest piece to date and I find it pleasantly compelling; I hope you do too.


 Curl “ Curl”

3-D fibre mounted on perspex

 Frost “ Frost”

fibre bowl

 Rock pool “ Rock pool”

fibre wrap (detail)

mixed media collage

 Sungold “ Sungold”

3D collage

 Resort “ Resort”

3D mixed media collage on canvas


 Intrigue “ Intrigue”

pastel on paper

 Preen “ Preen”

pastel on paper - sold

 Evening Reflect “ Evening Reflect”

pastel on paper - sold

 Soulful “ Soulful”

pastel on paper