Charleen Morris

Charleen Morris

Location: Australia

Art to me is a vehicle to express the beauty of the world I see. My work employs bright, flat colours, textures and patterns, incorporating acrylic paints with mixed media and found objects. I research, experiment with methods and materials to produce different forms of contemporary art, hosting an appreciation for geometrical patterns, seeking to create outcomes concerned with symbolism and specific themes related to “How humans connect to the environment that surrounds them”.


3D Mural Christmas Island 2022

The Shire of Christmas Island commissioned three public murals based on Charleen’s previous body of work.

3D Mural Christmas Island “3D Mural Christmas Island ”

One of 3 Murals I recently painted on Christmas island.

3D Mural Christmas Island “3D Mural Christmas Island”

During the making of the mural

The Islander Newspaper Christmas Island 2022

3D Mural Underwater Grotto and Critters Christmas Island August 2022
A 3D optical illusion mural of a grotto has been commissioned by the Shire of Christmas Island critters has been painted at the foreshore area outside of Chinese Literary Association by Queensland based artist Charleen Morris and her assistant Jake Combe.
Charleen and Jake spent several weeks measuring and sketching the image using anamorphic mapping techniques which involved math and a lot of patience.
The lunch crowd at CLA could see the image form over July as larger than life Golden Bosun, Robber crab, Flying fish and turtles began to pop out of the concrete. Passers-by could be forgiven for hesitating to step on the edge of the painting given the realism of the optical illusion of the underwater scene.
Visitors and residents have already begun posing with the realistic optical illusion with the CLA verandah being the optimized vantage point for the illusion effect.
The Shire expresses it.s gratitude to Charleen and Jake for bringing to life the Shire’s desire for the CLA Pad to be an extension of the Foreshore Padang Development and not just a plain cement pad.
Also commissioned by the Shire as part of the Foreshore Development program were 2 more smaller murals in the area. The Foreshore Development program will continue with additional large-scale marine and historical theme art works near the lawn bowls area, with the return of Ortemel later in the dry season.
For more information on these Foreshore Development Projects, contact the Shire CEO David Price at 91648300 during office hours, or come to the George Fam building.

Story Article from The Islander Community Newspaper Christmas island ISSUE 766 12th August 2022