Sabrina Blanco

Sabrina Blanco was born in Venezuela on November 18th.
Her art studies began when she was 10-years old at the
world renowned art school, Cristobal Rojas, in Caracas,
Venezuela. Sabrina’s first art exposition was when she
was 15-years old in Caracas. Sabrina studied Political
Science in university and obtained a master’s degree in
Oil and Gas Administration.

Sabrina continually creates her art/creative work.
Through the years, Sabrina has continued her participation
in collective exhibitions in Venezuela and in the U.S. A.
She moved to the United States in 1999, and currently
resides in Miami, Florida.

Sabrina uses bodies to create impressions on canvas, which is filled with poetry
and spiritual richness, about life and women's role in modern society. The prints
left by those bodies communicates anguish, sensuality, passion, and desperation.
No matter how these feelings are perceived, they make up the vital strength that
keeps pushing the presence of human being forward.

The theme in Sabrina’s paintings has been constant throughout her life, as she
finds the human figure interesting, challenging and the most complex subject to
study. Sabrina is interested in capturing human emotion and thoughts by utilizing
several techniques that manifest them in energetic and colorful abstract paintings
as well as in compositions of mix media, furniture, and boxes. Sabrina has been part of individual and group exhibitions in Europe and America being a recognized artist who has exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries.

“I understand that authentic communication about my work is a powerful tool for creative growth as well as for an artist success.” Sabrina works in a variety of media, starting with a basic idea and pulling from stimuli close at heart. The subjects are chosen for their strong personal relevancy. Ideas are cut from memory and pasted together seeking a visual harmony, and creating becomes understood as ‘thought.’. The works are abstract in composition, realistic in form, and surreal in content. Sabrina's primary focus is painting, and installation art with mixed-media constructions, working with different materials and unique style representative.