Amalya Nané Tumanian

Amalya Nané TUMANIAN

Location: France

TUMAN (Amalya Nane TUMANIAN) is a professional artist who works in oil, acrylic and mixed media. The style and subject matter of her artworks vary from abstract to figurative. Her abstract paintings with vibrant and emotive color palette that resonates with the feelings often include geometric elements to contrast with soft organic shapes. Figurative expressionistic works are mostly on subject of human interaction, emphasizing an emotional and philosophical context with bright and contrasting colors and gestural brushstrokes.

TUMAN (artist name) was born in Yerevan, Armenia, where she taught at the School of Fine Arts and was a member of the Soviet Union of Arts under the surname Ovsepyan. In 1991, due to the war and economic difficulties in Armenia, she emigrated with her family to the United States. There, she earned a master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts University in San Francisco, California. Some of his works have been purchased by the Russian and Armenian governments and are displayed in museums and public places. Its success extends internationally. Some of his works have been the subject of group exhibitions in Hungary, Spain, Germany, China, Taiwan, the United States and France. Several of his works are part of private collections in many countries around the world. Since 2018 she has lived and created her artistic works in France.

Exhibitions (most recent)
2023 Galerie 51, VS, Paris, France
2023 Misancene, online gallery, Paris, France
2023 “Art 3f” Art Fair, Reims, France
2022 “Art Capital” Art Fair, Society of French Artists, Palace Ephémère, Paris, France
2022 35x35 French art project - Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athene, Greece
2021 Galerie 51, Place Lucerne, Village Suisse, Paris, France
2021 Art Fair, “Art Shopping,” at Carrousel du Louvre, October, Paris, France
2021 Art Fair, “Art Shopping,” at Carrousel du Louvre, June, Paris, France
2021 42nd International Artistic Fair of Haute-Loire, France
2021 Galerie Thuillier, “Press Prize”, Paris, France
2020 Thuillier Gallery “Summer Salon”, Paris, France


Abstract Variations

Paintings with vibrant and emotive color palette that resonates with the feelings, that often include geometric elements to contrast with soft organic shapes.

Compartments “Compartments”

Compartments, a captivating piece of artwork that measures 115 x 75 x 1.5 cm and is made of acrylic on canvas. The painting embodies a powerful message of unity and isolation, magnificently conveyed through a unique blend of colors, textures, and brushstrokes. With striking compartments, it is serving as a representation of social structures, Painting successfully captures the complexities and contradictions of human interaction, spark inspiration and conversation.

Birds of paradise “Birds of paradise”

The colors of the birds of paradise is an expression of my appreciation of the beauty of nature.

Pandule “Pandule”

The cubism-style painting "Pendule" explores the concept of changes within repetitive motion, disrupting established patterns while still existing within a confined structure. Through fragmented and geometric forms characteristic of cubism, the artwork captures the dynamic essence of a pendulum's oscillation. The depiction suggests a tension between order and disorder, where the predictable rhythm of the pendulum is disrupted by subtle shifts and variations. This disruption highlights the fluidity of time, emphasizing the notion that change is inherent even within the confines of regularity. The fractured composition invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between stability and transformation, challenging the traditional perception of time as a linear and uniform progression.

Music breakdancing “Music breakdancing”

Through Music Breakdancing, I invites viewers to feel the rhythm, hear the music, and experience the expressive power of dance. The painting transcends its static form, inviting the audience to imagine the dynamic soundscape and the electric atmosphere of a dance floor alive with the spirit of music and movement.

Adam and Eve “Adam and Eve”

The artwork Adam and Eve draws inspiration from Rodin's celebrated sculpture "Kiss." In this rendition, I aim to encapsulate the Western perception of origin and intimacy in a down-to-earth manner, symbolized by the choice of earthy tones for the depiction of their bodies. This color palette serves as a visual metaphor, grounding the narrative in a tangible and relatable human experience, forging a connection between the viewer and the timeless themes embedded in the portrayal of Adam and Eve.

Love Song “Love Song”

Painting "Love Son" was inspired by Chopin's music and the memorial sculpture dedicated to him in Paris. My intention was in the structured expressionist style to express the sensitivity of his music and love through images of an angel, beautiful woman, and roses. The brush strokes capture the energy and passion of the music, letting the canvas become a visual representation of the auditory experience. The angel represents a muse, the woman embodies the emotional depth, and roses symbolize passion or the ephemeral nature of beauty and music.