Deepali Chaudhary

Deepali Chaudhary

Location: India

Deepali from her studio in India says, "Painting is a concept, a literary tool, a thought; meant to be perceived beyond its visible form. Art is a continuously evolving process, and one has to flow and experiment with techniques and colors to make it a joyous and adventurous experience. Painting is a very effective medium to channelize your thoughts in an unequivocal direction and address the catechism within. It is a colossal source of positivism and brings immense relief."

Colors and forms are her words, and she uses colors to weave stories on canvas. Her inspiration comes from music, human emotions and the boundless beauty of nature, with its vibrant spectrum of hues. Landscapes and abstract expressionism are her favorite styles of art.

She says, "When seen through abstraction, things look different because abstraction does not seek a literal meaning in things. It is the immensity of abstraction and virtuous power of nature, that I find delightful."

Most of her paintings find a place in the homes of art lovers who are more interested in the concept and the story behind the artwork.


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