Yaffa Wainer

Yaffa Wainer

Location: Israel

Yaffa Wainer
Yaffa Wainer (Politi) is an Israeli impressionist-naturalist artist (Born 1949 in Herzliya Israel). Art has always been a central part of her life. She gained most of her formal artistic knowledge in Israel, at several Academic and art institutes (Tel-Aviv University, Open University, and Ramat Hasharon Institute of Art) gain BA in Humanities, Arts and social sciences. Participate in workshops with Israeli artists.
While living in the Philippines in the 1990s, she began painting professionally. Her mentor there was Filipino artist Roger San Miguel, known as “Father of Filipino Impressionism”. "He tutored me and exposed me to the magical world of impressionism-naturalism," she said. During her stay in the Philippines Yaffa participated in several workshops with the Philippines and Asian artists. While staying there Yaffa traveled to many Far East countries and their influence is apparent in her paintings. Currently, Yaffa focuses on Israeli sceneries.
She is a member of the ICU International Association of Arts, the Israel Artists Association of Plastic Arts, the Who's Who Art Club International and Herzeliya artist association. In the last 10 years, Yaffa exhibits her works Internationally, Solo and Group exhibitions, among them the National Art Museum Cluj, Romania, Galleries in Holland, Oslo Norway, Paris France, London UK, Canada, Barcelona, Madrid, Vienna Austria, Finland, and Israel.

2019 - "Chaos at springtime" Jaffa art Salon Gallery, Israel (Solo)
2019 - "Landscapes" Hod Hasharon, Israel (Solo)
2018 “Artexpo Autumn Rome 2018 International art exhibition”, Domus Romana Art Gallery, Rome, Italy
2018 - "Muse-Mix Exhibition" Art&About , Hostel Abraham Gallery, Israel
2018 - "Artisti Internazionali" MIIT - Museo Internazionala Italia Arte Turin, Italy

Yaffa Wainer – “Through my creation, I channel my personal experiences”
My fascination with nature derives from my dealing with time. The eternal versus the temporariness of human beings, this is why I do not include people in my paintings. The recurring change of seasons perpetuates the eternal versus desolation. In my works, I connect between two eternal elements, art, and nature. Deliberately I remove all hints of progress, with the exception of houses I leave nature as pure as I would wish to experience it.
In my work, I step out of the obvious reality and develop it according to my feelings. I give my own interpretations of the power and eternalness of nature. The different views and the eternity of various natural elements like mountains and valleys, rivers and the oceans emphasize the timelessness of nature. They all contain the past, present, and future. They remind us that nature is stronger than any man-made creation and that we should learn from its strength and inner peace, to save and cherish it.
Painting for me is a means of true expression and a means of discharging my energies. Through my creation, I channel my personal experiences, thoughts, and impressions. Painting for me is a process of coping with my thoughts and the colors on the canvas, while my hand and brush are just the means. At times, painting is an expression to an experience that takes place in real-time, some paintings are waiting a long time for their realization.


Yaffa Wainer Olive Trees Series

Ancient olive trees signify the connection between people and their past as well as their future. These trees will outlive us, and uprooting them undermines our future. The olive tree narrates our past, and in the future will narrate this era, and cutting it down puts a stop to this continuity and leads to despair.

For me, the olive tree represents peace and hope. Eager to effect change with regard to the status quo of the last few decades, I have painted many olive trees in recent years; through my paintings, I express the anguish I feel caused by the current chaos situation. The destruction of olive trees is an affront to society and to coexistence in our country, and it brings about extremism on both sides. My focus on olive trees and their documentation enables me to hold on to the hope for change, the hope for peace.