Ben Pollock

I am a Maryland-based artist who is venturing into painting, collaging, and drawing. As someone who has bipolar disorder 1 and hyperphantasia, I require creative outlets to get ideas out of my imagination and into the real world. This works beautifully for me since I adore abstract art and working with my hands allows me to let my mind wander anywhere it chooses.


Acrylic Paintings

Gurmoth “Gurmoth”

Sometimes I start with a base color and just go from there. I have been interested in monsters and demons lately, so I have begun to paint what I see in my head.

Pandora’s Box “Pandora’s Box”

This was originally a painting of blossoms in a vase. I was unhappy with the original as soon as I finished it, so I waited a few days for inspiration before repurposing the canvas. Sometimes, we find order in chaos.

Crescendo “Crescendo”

I painted this during the tail-end of a manic episode. The painting represents a sheet of music with the “notes” losing all sense of order in a resounding BANG.

Self-Portrait “Self-Portrait”

I love to incorporate blues and greens into my pieces because they are so versatile and can represent a wide variety of moods.