Alet Venter Art

Alet Venter is a contemporary abstract painter based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.  Her paintings reflect the ever-changing landscape of human emotions.  Described by the language of colour and an instinctive approach, the works contain a deep sensuality. The paintings become meditations, vessels of an emotional life. In the earlier part of her career she was successful as a figurative, portrait and still-life artist, working mainly in oils. Her work is a journey beyond the intellect into the realm of the spiritual and symbolizes the process of re-interpreting the past and the continuous changes we make as we journey towards the future.  In her abstract paintings she allowed herself to discard most traditional "rules" of painting application.  She explores colours and considers the materials she uses as one of the most important part of her paintings. Therefor the journey of life has become a series of richly embedded textures and layered surfaces. Today, she chooses to work in abstract form in large scale.  The scale allows her to capture some things that are simply not possible in smaller work.

She was nominated for artist of the year by The Artist in You, and her painting "Flower" was chosen for the Ultimate Collection - New York. Her art was Exhibited together with artist around the globe on the billboards of Time Square, New York in 2012 and 2014 and exhibited in The Story of the Creative Exhibition at the See Me NYC Gallery, July 2013. One of her paintings together with artists around the globe, was also exhibited at the Louvre Paris, France, in July 2015. She was nominated for the Global Art Awards in Dubai 2017



Mixed media on blocked stretced canvass

Mars landscape “Mars landscape”

Mixed media on blocked canvass

Landscape “Landscape”

Mixed medoa on blocked canvass

Perlemoen “Perlemoen”

Mixed media on blocked canvass