Joëlle Acoulon

Joëlle Acoulon

Location: France


The colours of the world

The colourful world of nature, even when abused by man, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A computer tool, used before the fractals were conceived, enables me to ‘steal’ the nuances of an image, whether it shows the infinitely small or the immensely large.
Little by little, images of autumn landscapes, Jupiter, remarkable bark, butterflies, animal eyes … have begun to punctuate my work.
And in 2019, this trend grew to the point of inspiring a series. It then became a long-term project entitled “The Colours of the World”.
Coral reefs, salt marshes, rice paddies, Icelandic glacier melt ponds, extraordinary sites … all allow me to explore the nuances, the richness and the infinite variety of our universe, so beautiful but so fragile.
It goes without saying, however, that these colours are only a source of inspiration and that what the photos represent has no influence whatsoever on the creation of the shapes.

Untitled, 15 December 2023 “Untitled, 15 December 2023”

Series : Landscapes for here and elsewhere
Colours inspired by a those of a beach

Untitled, 1st November 2023 “Untitled, 1st November 2023”

Series "Landscapes from here and elsewhere".

Untitled, 2 December 2023 “Untitled, 2 December 2023”

Series "landscapes from here and elsewhere".