Jieun Cha

Jieun Cha is a talented photographer with a background in architecture. She has exhibited her work in several group exhibitions across the United States, Germany, and South Korea, and has been recognized for her talent with awards such as the Governor Prize and several honorable mentions from International Photography Awards. Her first solo exhibition, "At the Stroke of Stillness," was held in Singapore. Jieun currently resides and works in Los Angeles, United States.



As a photographer, I have always been drawn to the abstract, exploring the idea of creating images that are not just a representation of reality, but a reflection of my own subjective experience. My journey into abstract photography began with a question, ‘What is abstract photography?’, and it was through this inquiry that I realized the true potential of this art form.

Abstract photography is more than just capturing parts of an object, it is an expression of the self through the use of dots, lines, faces, and colors. It is a medium that allows the artist to blur the boundaries of the subject, creating a sense of ambiguity that deepens the complexity of the emotions being conveyed.

For me, the camera is not just a tool to capture images, but a paintbrush that I use to create my own vision. By using techniques such as blurring, I aim to add a sense of time to my photos, capturing the complex emotions that deepen as time passes. Through this project, I hope to establish abstract photography as a legitimate and respected art form, one that is valued for its unique contribution to the world of photography.

In conclusion, my work is an exploration of the abstract, a celebration of the potential of the camera as a creative tool, and a commitment to building up abstract photography as a valid and meaningful art form.