Linda Lasson

Linda Lasson

Location: Sweden

Linda Lasson is a textile artist based
overlooking a lake and forests in the
northern part of Sweden. The surrounding
landscape is a constant presence
and inspiration to her when creating
embroideries, taking elements from the
patterns, shapes and colours of nature and blending
them into intricate works of art. There is also a literal
natural presence in many of her artworks, as Lasson
often mounts the embroideries on bark from different
Another great inspiration for the artist is the
indigenous people located in the north of Europethe
Sámi. Some of the embroideries are about
their situation; trying to hold on to their traditions
(managing herds of reindeers) while living
surrounding by local people who want to exploit
their land for mining, and facing increasing threats
from other people who don't agree with their way of
living. Utilising simple, thin sewing thread, Lasson’s
work has both sculptural and graphic expressions.
She combines materials such as reindeer skin,
geotextiles and reinforcing cloth, though she
considers the search for different materials to use
to be infinite. Lasson’s artwork can been seen in
exhibitions both in Sweden and London, as well as
cities such as Amsterdam, New York and Montreal.
Her embroideries are also sold by the noted
Swedish art gallery Andersson/Sandström located in
Umeå and in Stockholm.
(Text from the British art Magazine Inside Artist)


Johke bealam

Embroidery on reinforcing cloth mounted on bark. Application with white deerskin.
The name is sami and means "by the riverside"

Bölesmon- in memory of an forrest “Bölesmon- in memory of an forrest”

Embroidery on geotextile. 145 x 124 m in size.