Andrea Laybauer

Andrea Laybauer

Location: Brazil

Brazilian photographer, 32 years old and specialist in highspeed macrophotography of drops.



Highspeed macrophotography of drops. No photoshop.

Frida “Frida”

One drop of milk coming from the dropper above and coffee on the bowl. The shape looks like a stingray!

Frank “Frank”

Just water.

Floppy “Floppy”

Just water - manually dripped with a squirt of ketchup.

Explosion “Explosion”

Just water.

Brasil “Brasil”

Just water.

Monday “Monday”

Water drops collision.

Zebra “Zebra”

Drops of water stopped on the leaves.

Mess “Mess”

2 droppers - the first with water and the second with vaseline.

The Glass “The Glass”

Alcohol 96%

The Dress “The Dress”

Water double collision.