Joe Zanrè

My Specialty is high-speed photography of water drops. These amazing, unique images are absolutely stunning, and finished in an acrylic, shatterproof mounting.
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Water Drops

This unique image collection uses high speed photography to capture water drops.

Teardrop In The Eye “Teardrop In The Eye”

This unique image capture two water drops colliding, in such a way as to suggest a human face shedding a tear.

Striations “Striations”

This image of a water drop is captured in glorious detail and takes the breath away every time it is seen

Gina Lollo “Gina Lollo”

This stunning image represents Italy's famous love of art and style.

Saltire “Saltire”

This image shows the flag of Scotland in the top bubble, and a fascinating, symmetrical distortion of it in the supporting column.

Thin Blue Lines “Thin Blue Lines”

This amazingly clear image shows minute detail and incorporates lighting patterns that draw the eye. The depth of field is such that only the water splash is in perfect focus, with the water surface blurring in an attractive manner.

Union Jack “Union Jack”

This image uses depth of field to blur the background while the flag shown in the water drop is in sharp focus, showing this universally-known symbol in clear detail.