Anyuta Gusakova

Anyuta Gusakova

Location: Canada

Anyuta is a Canadian multimedia artist with Russian background. She creates sculptures, paintings and ceramic work with surrealist and whimsical subject matter. Currently Anyuta resides and works in Vancouver, BC.


Anyuta Studio

Anyuta's creations include sculptures in diverse mediums, paintings and porcelain editions.

Sea Horse Majestic “Sea Horse Majestic”

Sea Horse Majestic sculpture was inspired by my love for ocean and sea creatures. All my childhood I spent on the shore of the Pacific ocean admiring its beauty. I pretended I was a mermaid and the sea was my home. Since then the marine subject has always been significant in my artistic practice. In Sea Horse Majestic I tried to incorporate the visuals of a sea horse, sea grasses, the waves and the feeling of moving waters. Dimensions H19xW20xD11 inches

Lady Blue “Lady Blue ”

Lady Blue is a sculpture from the Miss Bunny series. It is made of fine porcelain with cobalt underglaze painting and overglaze silver marker. The dimensions of the sculpture are H29xD9xW13 inches

Sky Horse “Sky Horse”

Sky Horse is inspired by all the beautiful horses out there. It is hand-built in ceramic and decorated with underglazes, acrylic and gold wax. Dimensions H27.5xD30xW9

Athena, the Warrior Goddess “Athena, the Warrior Goddess”

In Greek mythology Athena, the daughter of Zeus, was a goddess of war and wisdom and the patroness of arts and crafts. In this piece I tried to combine the gentleness of a young girl (Athena was a virgin) with the aggressiveness of the griffin on the helmet to refer to the Warcraft.

MoBear the Molecular Bear “MoBear the Molecular Bear”

MoBears (here the Dragon Bear and Mishka the Russian Bear) are inspired by a Teddy the toy bear and the molecule. So they are the molecules of Teddybearium, a happy childhood matter.